NORML Ireland

NORML Ireland wants your support for the
Decriminalisation of Cannabis.


My name is Thomas O Connor. I am currently Director of NORML Ireland.

I am also a farmer, business owner and representative of my community.

NORML Ireland is asking for your HELP for

1.  The Decriminalisation of the cannabis plant in Ireland.

2. The introduction of the Cannabis Social Club model in Ireland.

          (Allowing Cannabis consumers grow their own Cannabis for their medicinal and personal needs).

NORML IRELAND seeks to gain recognition for the rights of people to peacefully pursue activities relating to cannabis without unwarranted intervention by the authorities.

A Voice for Responsible Cannabis supporter’s and consumers on the Island of Ireland.

NORML IRELAND is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation. We aim to provide a support network to those seeking the Decriminalisation of cannabis and to influence a positive transformation to laws enabling responsible medical, spiritual, recreational and industrial uses in Ireland.

Founded in Ireland in 2013, NORML Ireland is part of (founded in 1970) an international organisation representing cannabis consumers worldwide.

Cannabis and its sister plant Hemp have huge potential.

To help negate some of the impacts of climate change, economic recession, resource depletion, degenerating agriculture as well as the scourge of cancer and many other illnesses.

The prohibition of such a beneficial plant as cannabis makes no sense.

It is costing huge amounts of money, time and resources on Gardaí, Courts, solicitors and jails, that would be better spent rebuilding our country.

Ending prohibition will take Cannabis and its profits out of the hands of criminals, removing one of their substantial income streams. It will also reduce the vast amounts of taxes used to enforce prohibition of  a plant.

No matter the cost, economic and social.

If you would like to Help you can...

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Thomas O Connor

NORML Ireland Director