NORML Ireland
What is a Cannabis Social Clubs ?

!!! CAUTION !!!

Cannabis production and consumption is currently illegal in Ireland

  • Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC’s) should not engage in illegal activities.

  • CSC’s are places for people:

    • To show their support for the CSC model of cannabis production.  

    • To share their experiences.

    • To develop a better understanding of the cannabis plant and all its benefits.

  • CSC’s are communities who work on the development of a legal structure in which CSC members can in the future grow and consume their own cannabis;

    • Free from the criminal justice system.

    • Safe from the black market and criminal gangs.

    • Guaranteed of the quality, origin and strength of their cannabis.

We are working hard to ensure, that in the future.

Well planned structures and systems will allow cannabis consumers, grow for their own medicinal and personal needs.

While also facilitating the non profit exchange, but only between members of the CSC.

Ready to take cannabis away from the dark ages and make a change we’ve all been waiting for? 

Start or join a local Cannabis Club


Join the Irish Cannabis Union.


!!! Caution !!!


Cannabis consumption, possession and supply are illegal under current legislation. Possessing or cultivating any form of cannabis is prohibited by law. Membership of a national CSC or any particular CSC or Collective DOES NOT currently constitute a license. Any form of cannabis possession, supply or cultivation, undertaken by any individual citizen as part of a CSC registered Club or registered Collective is still illegal.

Until we come together to change it.