Right to consume cannabis?

So this is my first actual blog post, mostly I've just been copying and pasting stuff that I thought might be interesting to the viewership, however many or few they might be.

I've been thinking about rights. I've heard people say that they should have the right to cultivate and consume cannabis, I agree. I've heard people say they have a right to water in Ireland free of charges levied by Irish water. I've heard both refugees and migrants say they have rights, actually scratch that, I've heard many of those who are not refugees but live in the lap of comfort say that refugees and migrants have rights to various things. It dominates the news lately.

I think many of those who speak of rights don't properly understand the concept. Rights are not something you are born with contrary to popular western opinion. Anyone coming from a warzone or who has ever been at the end of a gun will understand what I am saying and I want you to try to understand too if you do not already.

Should you ever find yourself at the end of a gun you will know that you have no intrinsic rights. Your very life will be entirely in the hands of the person who has the power to end it. There's not much point in trying to assert your supposed rights at that stage.

My point is this, right are bestowed by those who have the power to bestow them. They are given, you are not born with them, you do not have them unless somebody decides to grant you them. They are bestowed or not by those who govern!

Lets leave aside the rights to water or safety and shelter that many will claim, they are for illustrative purposes only in this particular case however serious they might be to those concerned with them. If we assume that the above is correct, then rights are not automatic, they are a concept and they can only be bestowed by government.

I want my government to bestow upon me the right to cultivate and consume cannabis free from persecution! This brings into focus the question about who has the power, the government or the people? Well the reality is that the people only get a voice every four years and then only very briefly. Even if a cannabis character like Ming is elected he proves ineffectual being only one voice and then he does what any reasonable family man would do seeing how ineffectual he is and goes off to Europe to earn a crust and ensure that his family have the best prospects possible, I would do the same thing in his shoes as things stand.

So now we have no voice! I still want to be heard though as no doubt do you. How shall we be heard?

I have my own opinions in this regard as no doubt do you and I'd like to hear them in the forum, that's what it's for. I can't express my opinions here as they are not approved by the NORML organisation, I'm just a random blogger. I should also point out that before I got all serious like this I I did get quite baked as probably should you before reading this though it's probably a bit late to tell you that now. Peace!

Posted on September 5, 2015 .